Together we can! in a small business

Together we can! in a small business.

These tips will help leaders of companies who struggle (to promote team spirit) with their company.

As the CEO of a marketing agency that has been in business for over 24 years,  I have heard the laments of many businesses that have wasted many resources on training and still have staff that don’t produce. 

Team Spirit – a big secret of successful companies

Having read from successful CEOs and from personal experience, I can attest that nurturing “team spirit” in a company is one of the best investments an organization can make.

It is great to have “Team Spirit”, employees and staff and vendors notice a difference when they are in the presence of a Team Spirited company. It is as a melody in the air, a melody that says “we care about each other” we will help each other however we can. It is not the problem of one person, we share problems and solve them together.

It is great to have “Team Spirit”. Employees, staff and vendors notice a difference when they are in the presence of a Team Spirited company. There is melody in the air, a melody that says “we care about each other” and will help each other however we can. It is not the problem of one person, we share our problems and solve them together.

Team spirit is easy to lose if the company doesn’t support it. If the company cares for the staff, they will reciprocate for the most part. It is not easy to gain either, while I am not an expert I can provide our experience in acquiring it and the benefits.

Acquiring Team Spirit

These are the most important elements for each of your employees to possess in order to build Team Spirit:


HR Manager – must be aware of the importance of Team Spirit

    • The main person must be empathetic and compassionate. 
      • Able to listen
      • Able to care
      • Able to understand the issues underneath
      • Able to balance the needs of the staff with the needs of the company
      • Able to protect the team spirit at companies and its relevance and importance to the executive team

Executive Staff 

    • Should be aware of the importance of team spirit 
    • Respectful at all times
    • Nurture team spirit

Hiring staff

    • Hire people who understand the importance of being in a TEAM environment. Staff that understand the value of working together are much better than working alone.

Environment – Nurturing ideas

    • Create a time of the day to share problems
    • Have time to share personal experiences
    • Provide time to learn about each other, for example answer one of these questions in a group setting: 
      • Favorite Book and Why
      • Favorite Movie why
      • What type of pets do you like and why?
      • If you could travel anywhere, where would you go?
      • If you could have a superpower what would it be and why?

Solution Based Approach

    • Look at ANY problem that arises at the issue, how do you solve the problem?  Once this is achieved then look at the cause.
    • Avoid BLAME at all times
    • Do put systems in place to avoid the problem in the future

Benefits of having a “Team Spirit” environment

These next elements will ensure your marketing waste is minimal after 6 months. The key is to follow up on these five factors.


Higher retention of talent

    • Staff will stay longer at the company (Mandy, Add more to this please)
      When employees stay longer at a company, they are able to master the company values and promote them to newer hires and through their work.

Better and More Job Candidates

    • Fostering a team spirit will promote your company work culture to outsiders looking for work, having a good work culture improves your company’s reputation for job seekers, allowing you to find higher quality applicants that best suit new openings. 

Quality of Life

    • A team spirit means the quality of life will be improved for everyone at the company.  The staff will look forward to going to work instead of feeling they have to go to work.

Higher Productivity

    • Staff will stay longer or work on evenings or weekends when necessary, to meet the needs of the company without requesting it.

 A Healthier Company

    • Promoting team spirit decreases the overall stress on staff, which means that illnesses and sick time will be reduced for health related issues caused by anxiety or stress. This increases your company’s profitability and reduces stress on existing employees who would otherwise have to compensate for an absent team member.

Defend the Team Spirit environment

My final advice for nurturing a team spirit environment is to make sure everyone knows the benefits of a strong team and the higher quality of life.  There are companies that push hard for profits and that is ok, nothing wrong with profits.  However, to have an environment that produces high quality and profit on a consistent basis there must be a team spirit.

At Cazarin Interactive, we strive to have a great team spirit and understand that we spend so much time with each other resembles a family.  A family that cares about each other, developing a team and creating  an environment that nurtures joy and care within the workplace.

Final Takeaways

When someone selects  Cazarin Interactive as their marketing partner, our team becomes a part of their company.  We seek to have long term relationships with our customers and pay for ourselves by increasing sales and enhancing their brand. We will nurture joy and respect in our interactions with your company.

Do you want to utilize our Marketing Fusion (™) and see real growth in your business? Contact our marketing department today.


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How do you nurture “Team Spirit” in your organization today?

Marriage as a Partnership

Advice for those who are thinking about marriage or those who are struggling with their marriage.

I am not an expert on marriage, nor do I have education on the subject. However, my experience and knowledge gained during my 30 years of marriage has given me some tips that can help others.

This blog is an attempt to share this information with others in the hope that you have some tools and tips to help you in your own relationships.

This is my experience in marriage and helping others:

  1. Married for 30 years, I have been married to an amazing person since April, 1991.  We have three wonderful daughters.
  2. Church Marriage preparation.  We have helped over 10 couples prepare for marriage through our church’s  marriage preparation program called “Prepare”.


3. Culturally different, Our marriage is culturally and ethnically different.  My wife was born and raised in Minnesota from German and, Irish heritage.  I was born in Mexico City and, came to study to Minnesota at an early age in high school then college.  I am from Mexican and Italian heritage.  Our three daughters were born in the USA.

These are facts that can’t be ignored.

  • Relationships are hard and there are always ups and downs.
  • About 40% to 50% of marriages in the United States end in divorce.
  • Although the divorce rate is dropping, too many couples will end in divorce.


A positive outlook on marriage and a set of fundamental values between one another, however, can help maintain a healthy and long-lasting relationship.

How I Formed my Outlook on Marriage as a Partnership

I was born in the 60’s and grew up in the 70’s under a patriarchal culture.  This culture believes that the man works and provides for the family.  The woman should stay home, take care of the house and, children, and obey the husband at all times.  Please understand this was how my parents raised me and what I saw as I grew up.  I  don’t agree with this type of marriage myself today, but this was my experience.

I came to the USA as an exchange student in high school, my American parents were very different from my home country.  My American mom went out with girlfriends to bars and dancing places.  I remember a conversation my American parents had in which my mom told my dad she had gone dancing and a guy came to ask her to dance. My American dad replied with sincerity, “I hope you had a good time.”  

I almost fainted because, my American dad said hope you had a good time.  I can tell you this would never happen in my Mexican culture.  That action would have been grounds for divorce in Mexico.

I was very lucky to make great friends here in the USA.  Some of those great friends included in particular the parents of one of my girlfriends, Bill and Nancy.  They influenced my views on marriage and relationships.  They gave me the principles for a marriage as a partnership. These are the fundamentals that they taught me by being around them and observing their marriage.  Bill was my friend and best man at my wedding for 25 years until he passed away, Nancy is still a friend of mine and my family:

  • Together we make a team.
  • We will help each other to be the best version of ourselves.
  • We will support each other at all times.
  • Nobody is more important  than the other person.
  • We will make decisions together.

Those lessons carried into my last 30 years of marriage and now my wife and I have established 10 vital pieces of advice that we share with people looking to get married or struggling with their marriage


Respect each other
Especially when you are upset, understand that there is a line or limit you will not cross with each other. Respect is one of the most important keys to having a successful marriage.  Once you break this, it becomes very hard to regain trust and respect.  If you feel you are starting to lose your respect for your partner during a fight.  You should walk away.


This is your marriage:
Remember this is your marriage and your decisions should not include outside forces, especially when one of you disagrees with a decision. Do not make decisions because your Brothers, parents, or friends did it that way.  By the time you talk to your partner, it must be your decision to bring an issue.  Never say something like this, my mother thinks we should ……  avoid this type of statements completely.  If you want to bring something your mother said, say I believe we should do ……  


Three days Max:
Don’t be upset with each
other for more than 3 days.


There will be times you will have to do something you don’t want to do.  You will do it for each other.


Give space to each other:
Learn to give room to the other person when he or she is upset. Once the calm has come, ask what is wrong


Find ways to meet each other’s desires. When buying furniture, for example, finding a process that will allow each other to make a decision for both of you.


Concentrate on making awesome memories.  This is the basis for a great life.  They can be as simple has having a fire in the yard, cooking an exotic meal together, or going to a beach in a different country.


Spiritual Connection:
Develop a relationship with God and call upon God at any time. This is a priority that should be considered for a healthy marriage


Define roles within the marriage that are compatible. These roles can change but decide who does what, who cooks, whether you both work, who cleans, who takes care of the yard, etc.  Both can do everything.  It is up to you to decide.


Children are amazing and well worth it, just make sure you plan when and how many you want to have together.  This decision is important because marriage changes tremendously.  We waited 6 years and, had a lot of pressure to start a family early.  We are both glad we waited

Final Takeaway:

  • You are the architect of your own destiny.  Make the best by having very good communication with your partner.


  1. Podcast for Marriage as a Partnership
  2. Marriage Tips from Mary and Ricardo
  3. CDC Statistics on Marriage


What type of marriage do you have or want to have?

Let us know if we can help you in any way.